bet for fun*
Register, create competition and invite friends
or join the competition created by others!
* betdudes is not a bookmaker website
Predict results, comment online and challenge your friends. Collect points, compete with your friends in table of competition, analyze statistics of your bets.

What is is a social media site for football enthusiasts and fans of competitions. This is not bookmaker's site. Users do not engage in any financial stakes, they predict results of matches with their friends.

How can I have fun with

Here on

Predict results of football games.
Gain points for correct bets
You can predict:
Alone, in pairs or in larger groups of friends

If you bet alone:
Check the performance, analyze and use provided statistics
If you bet in pairs:
Create competitions 1 on 1 and invite your contender to bet chosen match
Check the statistics and performance. Who bets better in pair - gets more points.
If you bet in group of friends:
Create competitions and invite friends. Alternatively just join the competition created by others.
Collect points which allow you to create a table updated after each match. Results, comments and analysis - also on-line.
Predict additional events: who will be the Top Scorer of the Season, which team will win the Title?
Comment on line, communicate with friends in the competition
You can also collect prizes:
Participate in competitions organized by or our partners to win prizes.

How to start to bet for fun on

get online
register and create profile
confirm registration by clicking the link sent to your mail
(from this moment you can use
start predicting results of football matches
invite friends to compete 1 on 1
check "Create Competition" tab in order to create your competition and invite friends
(also those who still do not have a profile on
accept invitations, join 1 on 1 competitions or the competitions created by your friends

What leagues can be predicted on

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